Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's a material world

We are living in a world which is somewhat dominated by aesthetics. A world where men and women practically compete on a daily basis to look their best. Having said that a large percentage of women simply adore the idea of dressing up in the latest fashion, accessories and jewelry. Many women also strive to look sexy and attractive for their partner.

With most men things are a little different though. Many guys try to use material items to attract the opposite sex. In fact some believe it’s almost like a mathematical formula to the sound of unlimited credit card + expensive car = attractive female. I’m convinced it could work for some but in my opinion the catch wouldn’t really be worth the chase.

This is the 21st century, where everyone wants to be in the public eye and celebrities seem to rule the world. Lindsay Lohan is seen wearing a Louis Vuitton bag and suddenly every girl wants one just like it. Britney Spears has made the color white a trend in sports cars and sport utility vehicles after making headlines with her white Mercedes and Range Rover.

There’s nothing wrong with men and women being into material things, I’m absolutely fine with that. Driving a stylish sports car, dressing up in high end designer wear and jewelry can be appealing, however if your date is found trying to check out the tag on your underwear then it might be a little too much.
Fashion is absolutely great if used correctly and doesn’t become an obsession. Yes people can certainly enhance their appearance and look more attractive wearing the right clothing and accessories, but these days it seems as though the label is given more importance than the attire itself. Similarly the car seems to be getting more attention than the person behind the wheel.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Call him Mr.Vain?

So just how aware are men about their appearance? Let me spell it out for you V-E-R-Y

Likewise so are women of course, but they get away with it, because they’re women. Double standards… whatever! Men on the other hand get tagged if they project that vision. No I’m talking about getting tagged on MySpace or facebook, I’m saying people will keep mentioning that he is a vain person. Possibly even call him narcissistic or gay!

Oh yeah… I get that all the time. Does it bother me? Absolutely not. It’s my job and I get paid to maintain my appearance, but obviously some people don’t appreciate that.

The truth is all men are vain irrelevant of what they try to exhibit. The same way every woman enjoys a man lusting over her, men want to be physically desired by women. It is our instinct to seduce in order to obtain sex and besides everyone takes pleasure in being the object of fantasy. It is also a fact that women lust just as much as men do. 
There is an obvious reason why men on the covers of romance novels look the way they do. Similarly girls on the cover of playboy magazine all look a certain way, to put it mildly.

It’s a game of seduction whether you acknowledge it or not. Many men live in denial though and sometimes attempt to compensate for the lack of self confidence with material assets such as cars. 
The definition of the word vain is excessively proud or concerned about one’s appearance. In my opinion this word often gets thrown around without much thought, because really, who isn’t concerned about their appearance?!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It started with a kiss…

Okay so perhaps nothing else really happened between Britney Spears and Madonna after the infamous kiss, however it’s a different story when it comes to real romance. The importance of a kiss may often be overlooked. 

Most men see kissing simply as a gateway to sex, women on the other hand evaluate a man by the way he kisses. Many women in fact actually state that unless the guy is a good kisser it’s going to take him quite a while to get her into bed. This is because most women are stimulated faster by kissing than any other physical activity. 
So now if every romance starts with a kiss, shouldn’t that be enough to depict the importance of this act?

A lot of men wouldn’t confess this but initially the way a girl kisses is very important to us too. Perhaps because it’s really in a man’s subconscious. I guess it gives us an indication on how passionate she is, which would then possibly translate to her bedroom skills. As a relationship develops it seems that many men somewhat lose interest in kissing and would much rather move straight on to sex, in contrast to women who continue to make kissing a priority.

I believe kissing is essential to maintain a healthy relationship, and the minute it begins to feel unnecessary then obviously something’s wrong.