Friday, March 27, 2009

Nothing is real until it’s gone…

It’s a sad reality that people tend to take so much for granted in life. Yes we are living in a fast and competitive world, but now does that justify anything?

The truth is routine gives people a sense of security, however it is that very same routine which creates a disregard for certain things in life. When something is fresh we almost give our undivided attention, a few weeks or months go by and we hardly acknowledge anymore. Relationships evidently are no exception.

I could come up with a number of different reasons why this occurs, but I have no question that there is one way of really knowing what something means to us. Sometimes it might just be too late, but when something is not around anymore we suddenly begin to evaluate what we had. It does not have to be a separation or divorce to learn the value of a relationship. Living distant temporarily can bring out the real emotions and help discover an aspect you have not quite seen or experienced before.

So it really is about learning to appreciate everything we have this very moment. Not tomorrow or even in an hour, but right now. This is your life and it is ending one minute at a time.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Love on 5th Avenue

I was walking down 5th avenue a few minutes ago when out of the blue I found myself asking "Can people really find love around here?"

With a population density of almost 67,000 people per square mile Manhattan is a place where variety is certainly not lacking. There are thousands of people walking across town every day. Here you will come across every possible look and style… but is it really just about finding the look or style that you consider attractive?

As much as I like living here in New York City the truth is everyone in this place seems to be searching for fame and fortune rather than just a pleasant and prosperous life. It appears that many struggle simply to get by each day, and if they get laid off work it might just be a matter of time before they get evicted.

So how could people expect to find genuine love in this joint?

Whether they live in denial or simply accept the reality for what it is I believe at some point everyone wants to experience a true romance and discover that person who will change their world.

They call Manhattan the city that never sleeps, perhaps that is because none dares to ever close their eyes and set themselves free for one minute.