Friday, February 27, 2009

Looking for your soulmate?

Well listen to this, there are web sites claiming they can help you find your soulmate. A psychic will apparently cast a spell which will speed up the process of finding your soulmate, and all this for as little as $25. It might sound hilarious at first, but when you see that individuals like this are still in business it can become somewhat of a concern.

Many people seem to believe that their soulmate is lingering somewhere, and that it is only a matter of time for them to meet. But what exactly is a soulmate anyway?

The concept of a soulmate actually goes back to the belief in reincarnation. It is someone that supposedly you have encountered and loved in many different lifetimes. It is for this reason that the very first time you meet them in this life you feel as though you have known them forever. There is a mystical déjà vu energy right from the start.

So how far off is your interpretation of a soulmate now?

The idea most people have is that a soulmate is simply a person they are a 100% compatible with. Someone they can feel totally comfortable having around in any situation and setting.

I guess what many are missing is the fact that people change throughout the years. That is not necessarily a negative thing but every relationship is bound to go through a few rough patches. It is the way you decide to deal with it that makes it work or fall apart. Soulmates or not a relationship will always require dedication to keep it going. Yes character compatibility is crucial for a healthy relationship, and I believe everyone could find somebody who can understand them more. However you have to be realistic and know you cannot expect others to read your mind at all times.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Is cupid still alive?

So Valentine’s Day comes along and suddenly every couple is supposed to act like they’ve just been struck by love. As though nothing else matters anymore other that their partner.

You ask most women and they’ll tell you Valentine’s Day is special, but none will really give you a reason why. Men on the other hand will tell you it’s a day like any other and don’t see what all the fuss is about.

Saint Valentine was supposedly a priest who during the third century in Rome secretly performed marriages for young lovers in a time when it was prohibited by the Emperor. He was sentenced to death when these actions were later discovered.

So how are people interpreting this day? What has going out for a romantic dinner got to do with all this? 
Well here’s what I believe. Women generally put a lot more effort into relationships, and often have a hard time keeping that anticipation alive. Saint Valentine’s is a great day to revitalize what might have somewhat faded away throughout the previous months. So in a way it's almost as though the couple are discreetly renewing their vows.

Now although I personally don’t see why one should wait for February 14 to express some affection it’s a good day to assess what’s happening in the romance department. Therefore planning that romantic dinner or perhaps just some quality time is probably quite beneficial after all.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sex, love and chocolate

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and according to the National Confectioners Association in Santa Barbara, California each year particulary over this period Americans spend over $1.1 billion on candy, 75% of which is chocolate.

So what’s the deal with chocolate? Most women say they love it, some even claim it’s better than sex. Not really something men would state I guess, or at least not so openly. A brief research conducted by Dr. Andrew Scott, a student at UCL London reveals that it’s suspected phenylethylamine which is one of the compounds found in cocoa causes an emotional high similar to being in love. It stimulates the nervous system and increases the heart rate and blood pressure.
A chemical also known to be released in the brain when eating chocolate is serotonin, which gives a sense of well-being. Chocolate also helps women relieve stress and get in a romantic mood, which normally results in more sensual and passionate sex.

So should chocolate be classified as a drug or food? and is it just women who posses this craving?

Personally I believe it is neither of the two, and in spite of what some people claim it is in no way addictive. It’s the combination of sugar and fat which makes the flavor of chocolate so desirable not the compounds it contains.

Similarly men crave for sugar and fat occasionally. Perhaps not as often as women who due to their menstrual cycle end up with a frequent hormone imbalance, this creates the famous mood swings and that is when the craving reaches its peak. Most men wouldn’t admit that they sometimes crave chocolate as well, the reason is that it can be interpreted as a weakness, which is obviously something men desperately attempt to obscure.

There’s clearly something sensual about chocolate, probably the fact that it melts at just above body temperature. However, next time your date, boyfriend or husband offers you chocolate know that there could very well be an underlying reason.