Friday, October 9, 2009

Oceans Apart

There's no question that relationships these days have somewhat evolved, but have they become easier, more interesting, or simply complicated?

People have different views on this, but when a couple is geographically separated there are few directions the relationship can go. It either builds up strength or completely collapses. Time is normally what determines the faith of any relationship. However I believe it is completely wrong for people to say that once they’re distant from their significant other things get out of control. We have control on every decision we take and every move we make. So why blame it on the ocean?

Perhaps for some it becomes a convenient excuse without really having to reveal their true motive. Distance is not always easy to deal with but certainly not impossible. If a couple is individually in doubt then more often than not it will just be a memory by sunset. Whereas a proper understanding of what each person involved is truly looking for can make it through the roughest seas.