Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's a material world

We are living in a world which is somewhat dominated by aesthetics. A world where men and women practically compete on a daily basis to look their best. Having said that a large percentage of women simply adore the idea of dressing up in the latest fashion, accessories and jewelry. Many women also strive to look sexy and attractive for their partner.

With most men things are a little different though. Many guys try to use material items to attract the opposite sex. In fact some believe it’s almost like a mathematical formula to the sound of unlimited credit card + expensive car = attractive female. I’m convinced it could work for some but in my opinion the catch wouldn’t really be worth the chase.

This is the 21st century, where everyone wants to be in the public eye and celebrities seem to rule the world. Lindsay Lohan is seen wearing a Louis Vuitton bag and suddenly every girl wants one just like it. Britney Spears has made the color white a trend in sports cars and sport utility vehicles after making headlines with her white Mercedes and Range Rover.

There’s nothing wrong with men and women being into material things, I’m absolutely fine with that. Driving a stylish sports car, dressing up in high end designer wear and jewelry can be appealing, however if your date is found trying to check out the tag on your underwear then it might be a little too much.
Fashion is absolutely great if used correctly and doesn’t become an obsession. Yes people can certainly enhance their appearance and look more attractive wearing the right clothing and accessories, but these days it seems as though the label is given more importance than the attire itself. Similarly the car seems to be getting more attention than the person behind the wheel.


  1. LaBelleDameSansRegret429January 28, 2009 at 3:39 PM

    We have a deeply consumerist society where people flounce about in logo-laden togs and think that they're OMG HAWT. What they don't get is that they just look like they're trying too hard.

    A good look inside the Tents at Fashion Week shows that the people in the know dress quite elegantly, with a definite sense of personal style; they don't try to really impress with labels. It's the difference between style and trend-whoring.

    And the car true. Whenever a guy drives by with his noise-polluting, souped-up convertible or SUV, I think, "Sorry about your penis, dude..." Lame, lame, lame.

  2. There's a reason I avoid wearing anything with visible labels. I'd rather people see me and not just the labels on my clothes.

    As for cars, I have to agree with LaBelleDame. All those souped-up cars and SUVs just put me off the guy because it's like he's trying too hard and spends too much money on such a trivial item.

  3. Most people waste too much time worrying about who's wearing what and who has the latest trends.Time that can be used for more important things like friends and family.In todays economy,we are lucky if we can afford to pay our bills.As long as I have a car that can get me back and forth to work,I don't care too much about what it looks like or what people think.Whats inside the person(good heart and personality)is what matters the most to me.

    Thanx for your great blogs Andrei.It's great way to let us speak our minds.Some of my coworkers have a Vent With Marg time where they call me up so they can get stuff off their chests.I'm a great listener,in case you or anyone else wants to Vent With Marg.Click on my pic,leave message.I will get back with you!

  4. We're in a tight economy right now and I was thinking about that as I got ready for work today. How I hadn't bought anything new to wear for almost nine months now other than a red Aigner purse. And as I was slipping on a black velvet turtleneck and off white cordoroy slacks (yes we had snow and it's cold here) I was thinking about how some styles are timeless and how my grandmother always said buy quality, make it last. This was kind of driven home by compliments I received today and this blog. No one could tell this outfit is two years old and not the newest thing off the rack. It's well made, fits my body shape and coloring and is part of my personal style. Why does everyone want to run around wearing the same thing anyway? When I find outfits I really like, I keep them. It's usually the faddish stuff that ends up donated somewhere.

    As for cars, I admit I sigh every time a convertable goes by. But that's mainly because I want one. There's just something about them and the wind in your hair.

    I do think women as part of our biology are looking for good providers, thinking in terms of future children. And of course there are some who just want to be taken care of by some rich guy and not have to work. But we're not all like that.

    Let the gold diggers have the flashy guys and vice versa. It's all surfaces for both of them anyway.

    But there's nothing wrong with wanting your guy to be a good provider. They're not necessarily the ones driving the flashy cars though. After I spent a few years working in banks, I learned that just because a guy has credit cards and a flashy car does not mean he has money. It means he has good credit and likes to spend his money. The man who comes into the bank with jeans and a work shirt and muddy boots may be a very good provider. He might even be very wealthy, own many acres.

    The thing is whoever holds the deed to the house, the title to the car owns it. Everyone else is just making payments. Banking has maybe slanted my thinking a certain way, but people's things and the way they dress no longer impress me.

    As usual, Andrei, your blog really makes me think.

    There can be such a big difference between substance and style.

  5. Course I'm not entirely immune. I did have to buy that red leather purse at the after Christmas sale. But it's well made and not very faddish. lol

  6. I don't own any of those designer label fashions. It just isn't me. I don't have to have that purse because Lindsey has it. My reaction is big deal. I mainly find all those designer label clothes and purses not very attractive at all.
    As for cars, everyone likes a nice looking car.
    But it doesn't have to be the most expensive one available either. You know what they say,
    if a man has a flashy car, he is most likely making up for something else.

  7. A while ago someone was talking spending 2,000.00 on a purse for someone.It got me to thinking is this person really worth my time.It made me think is there more to this person than being able to throw money around.

    Can't believe the time people waste on seeing what someone else is wearing or car they drive.

    I'd much rather get to know a person that is for real.

    You won't find me wearing designer cloths..


  8. Great post Andrei. Fashion can be fun. And wearing clothes that make you feel stylish, attractive and sexy is fine, but they don't have to come with the pricy designer labels. When materialism becomes an obsession and people judge others for not wearing the "right" labels, driving the "right" car, etc., then I think they have their eye on the wrong target. Have to agree with swtch69. Look beyond the labels to find what's most important. Follow your heart. Kathy