Monday, September 21, 2009


Well we have all heard this word over and over, but how often do we stop and contemplate the priorities in our life? What are the fundamentals and what should be on the top of our priority list?

Many people claim to have different priorities in their life but then very few people seem to be totally satisfied if their love life is lacking. So what does that tell you, shouldn't love really be the priority?

We all go through stages in our life and it’s very often a cycle, however I feel many people, especially those involved in somewhat of a long term relationship tend to place their love life on the back burner way too often. This is predominantly a guy thing, but not exclusively.

Many times the dispute seems to be over the fact that men claim they have a responsibility to provide a living for themselves and their significant other. Although it is essential to have a decent income to live well it becomes a little pointless when the process of generating that income is shattering everything else in your life.

So what is the secret to live a good all round life? The secret is learning what’s really important to you. Discovering what really makes a difference to your everyday life and placing them on the top of your priority list. I guess it’s really a matter of striking a balance.