Sunday, August 16, 2009

Woman’s best friend?

So what’s happened to simply going out and buying a new handbag and a pair shoes after a break-up? It seems nowadays women are seeking comfort in slightly larger accessories.

There’s no question that for most women a break-up can be hard to deal with. While some tend to almost immediately bounce onto some other guy, many others make use of this time to discover themselves, some take that discovery process a step further and go through an entire wardrobe transformation and often also change their ride.

It would very prejudiced to say that this is a woman’s thing though, matter of fact numerous men give extreme importance to the car they drive, and it’s certainly not because they want to ensure a comfortable ride wherever they go. The reason is that some men believe others could possibly envision the car they drive as an extension to their personality. More often than not of course this couldn’t be further from the truth. Cars these days are almost like shields for many people, used to protect the vulnerable and insecure person beneath.

People in general are competitive in their everyday life, and every man and woman likes attention, particularly from the opposite sex. What most fail to understand is that the way you work for that attention is not in the office or at a construction site, but by developing a well rounded person who’s confident and ready to confront the world.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer lovin’

So what is it with summer that revives romance? Could it just be the warmer climate that sometimes makes us react in a different manner?

There’s something sensual about being on a beach, and it’s not just the weightless clothing, but perhaps it’s more about being in an all natural environment which for many has become somewhat of a rare thing these days.

Somehow in summer people tend to turn to the simpler things in life, and it’s quite evident that almost everyone finds this season more pleasant in spite of the extreme temperatures certain parts of the world experience. Summer is a time which is all about the outdoors and with a little thought and planning can be a very romantic time of year.

It’s that connection with nature which often amplifies the romance. This is why so many people envision their honeymoon or romantic escape on some remote island surrounded with palm trees, cliffs and beautiful beaches. In a way it’s going back to basics, forgetting about all the high rise buildings which include all amenities possible, luxury cars, cellular phones and everything else we have become addicted to.

Sometimes you need to remind yourself that it’s all about romance…