Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer lovin’

So what is it with summer that revives romance? Could it just be the warmer climate that sometimes makes us react in a different manner?

There’s something sensual about being on a beach, and it’s not just the weightless clothing, but perhaps it’s more about being in an all natural environment which for many has become somewhat of a rare thing these days.

Somehow in summer people tend to turn to the simpler things in life, and it’s quite evident that almost everyone finds this season more pleasant in spite of the extreme temperatures certain parts of the world experience. Summer is a time which is all about the outdoors and with a little thought and planning can be a very romantic time of year.

It’s that connection with nature which often amplifies the romance. This is why so many people envision their honeymoon or romantic escape on some remote island surrounded with palm trees, cliffs and beautiful beaches. In a way it’s going back to basics, forgetting about all the high rise buildings which include all amenities possible, luxury cars, cellular phones and everything else we have become addicted to.

Sometimes you need to remind yourself that it’s all about romance…


  1. IS all about romance. That's why we are in the business we are in. You on the covers, and me writing. People love all things romantic. I love to look out at the mountains across the valley and write in an atmosphere of natural beauty. As you say, nature enhances romance. Since I am not close to a warm sandy beach, for me it's the mountains and the incredible feeling I get watching other people enjoying the same beauty, walking hand in hand.

  2. Hmm, you make interesting points! I hadn't thought about the summer season or "back to nature" equating with a higher romance quotient, but there are certainly fewer distractions on a beach or in the mountains, or just walking down a country road. More chance to simply be and talk and connect.

    Hope you're having a terrific summer!


  3. Nice blog. Sometimes we forget about the romance because we're so caught up with all the amenities we have. All of us need to set those things aside and get back to the romance.

  4. Hi Andrei,
    I have enjoyed reading your blog. Please continue to share your thoughts and ideas. I was out after dancing on Friday night and went to breakfast with a few friends. A couple of us stayed up just visiting and watched the sun rise. The sun rising over the ocean is so beautiful. I know you get to see the sunsets on your coast and they are also magnificent.
    Hope to see you in Columbus at RT.
    Happy Sunday! Hugs, Lisa ;-)

  5. Why we back to romance only on holydays or in summer? For me personally I cannot say when I think about romance. Because it becomes the part of our life. We can find romance everywhere: watching the sun rise, walking in the rain, reading old letters, watching our favorite movies and so on. Maybe sometimes we cannot see it, but not because of absence of romance in our life. It's just because we forget about it...

    Leyla Akavova