Saturday, May 23, 2009

Work it out

Alright so let me begin by saying this is not about getting in shape for the summer or anything like that. What I’m talking about here is making the effort to work around a relationship that sometimes may find itself going downhill.

We all like to envision a life which somewhat mimics a romance novel, however we also need to understand that there are external factors in life which sometimes disturb our prime instinct. Many people experience a substantial amount of anxiety in their everyday life which could very easily influence their mood and often produce impulsive behavior. That’s just human nature I guess, but nevertheless it should be controlled.

Since we cannot always be pro-active and determine our next move we need to at least learn to recognize our mistakes, and of course rectify. That is what will really get us through the day. It is a fact that relationships are not always easy to maintain. Problems arise sometimes and things could get complicated, however there are also many instances where we find ourselves complicating matters and creating problems for no valid reason.
The truth is a relationship can be very simple. If there is significant chemistry between two people, and of course the situation still makes sense then there really is nothing else to it. Occasionally perhaps you go through some rough times, but you work it out and you move on …and just like a romance novel, you both live happily ever after.


  1. Hi Andrei,
    Interesting post on a complex topic. Relationships are built on respect, appreciate the other, sharing, never taking the other for granted, and of giving love. But, like romance novels, they're filled with challenges, tests designed to help the couple grow, to expose issues that need to be dealt with - together. It takes two to make a couple. One person working alone undermines the need of unity.
    There is no perfection, but acceptance of the imperfect and loving the other person regardless. Love is powerful, yet also fragile.
    Romance Edged With Danger

  2. Absolutely, you listed the rules for a prosperous relationship. I totally agree that it takes two people to make or break a relationship.

  3. Andrei, I'm with you that relationships can be simple, and it does seem to me that we are the ones who complicate our own lives -- and far more than just our love lives. One of the vows in my second marriage was that we would give each other the room and encouragement to grow. We have each done that - grown as individuals - and yet we've never grown apart.

    Thrity plus years, I didn't know I'd be able to say that! :)

    Nancy Haddock
    Last Vampire Standing

  4. That's right. If you plan things out it can make things a lot easier.

    I guess that brings us to the communication issue...

  5. Andrei,
    Thank you for a sensitive approach to a very important topic that it is all too easy to neglect. Kudos to you!

  6. absolutely agree, if I could find a man who thinks like you do maybe I wouldn't still be single, lol.very insightful!!!

  7. External factors weigh heavily on so many people these days. Some people may behave in ways they would not have done before, taking these stresses out on their mate. Or perhaps the stresses only bring out aspects of the person that were there all along, just not as noticeable.

    Such a situation can act as a searchlight does, iluminating a person's character and behavior in a way which might have been overlooked. This can actually be a good thing, for like a searchlight, attention is drawn to problem areas which need to be addressed. How they are addressed may then determine whether the couple works things out... or not.

  8. Hey Andrei,
    You are right with everything you say about relationships. Seeing how I am in a... well... very complicated situation. I mean very complicated. So its nice to hear a refresh on romance. God, I miss romance and love, but maybe this is why can still be so strong.
    Thank you for your post on a complicated subject and much love to you.


  9. "The truth is a relationship is can be very simple."
    This is very good but some people don't like simplicity. They need something happen and they can't live without troubles. I know such people. But for me personally I can live without troubles. And sometimes it makes troubles in our relations.
    But we are all need to love and be loved and this our wish could make us become more quiet and love quiet life.
    …and just like a romance novel, you both live happily ever after.

    Leyla Akavova

  10. A relationship can be as simple or complex as the couple want. But what seems to be forgotten is that it takes two people to get along, two people to argue. A relationship is after all two very different people coming together. Each person needs to recognize the other's wants and desires and listen to problems and solve them together not seperately.
    It's how they work their little trials and tribulations out that count. Both people should cherish, love, communicate and respect each other. Not treat one as a door mat or less important because of physical changes.
    I also believe it is up to the individual as well as the couple to decide if they are going to be happy or not. If you go around sulking and down all the time, you will not be happy. But if you live life and have an optomistic outlook, you can make things better for yourself and the relationship.