Friday, March 27, 2009

Nothing is real until it’s gone…

It’s a sad reality that people tend to take so much for granted in life. Yes we are living in a fast and competitive world, but now does that justify anything?

The truth is routine gives people a sense of security, however it is that very same routine which creates a disregard for certain things in life. When something is fresh we almost give our undivided attention, a few weeks or months go by and we hardly acknowledge anymore. Relationships evidently are no exception.

I could come up with a number of different reasons why this occurs, but I have no question that there is one way of really knowing what something means to us. Sometimes it might just be too late, but when something is not around anymore we suddenly begin to evaluate what we had. It does not have to be a separation or divorce to learn the value of a relationship. Living distant temporarily can bring out the real emotions and help discover an aspect you have not quite seen or experienced before.

So it really is about learning to appreciate everything we have this very moment. Not tomorrow or even in an hour, but right now. This is your life and it is ending one minute at a time.


  1. Andrei, appreciation of the now and the attitude of gratitude has come up for me several times this week. Now you've blogged about the same lesson - thank you. I am paying attention!

    Nancy Haddock

  2. Fabulous post, so true. I sincerely appreciate every single thing. I'm such a sap, each am I watch as my son, in Jr. High, gets on the bus and then I watch the until I can't see it anymore. Often, I get teary eyed as this is time passing, and soon, he'll be graduating high school and off to live his own life.

    Am I too sensitive? Who knows, I'm a writer so probably my awareness is good for story. But, I'm a firm believer in going for our dreams, shooting for the stars. I say, tell those who don't believe you to move out of the way for you to reach your dream. Take care and I wish you every success.

    Diana Cosby

  3. Andrei, I have thanked God too many times to count for my kids and fabulous husband, he really REALLY was my destiny. Sounds cheesy, but true! Those relationahips can depart all too easily, thanks for the reminder. Sounds like this blog hit home for you! Hope all is well.
    Heather B

  4. How many people talk about "appreciate everything we have this very moment" and how many people really do this? People think that their life is endless. Even me think like this sometimes. But when something happened and you lose that thing or man who you loved so much... Yes it hurts. I know it. But it help open eyes! And maybe it help us to appreciate this life exactly as it is. But we don't think about it.

    Leyla Akavova

  5. I have been with my husband for 22 years now and I have to say, with his career being in NY and with us his wife and two kids living in PA, you learn to quickly appreciate each other and the things you have. I am thankful for the weekends(yes, I only see him on the weekends) I get to spend with him and appreciate him more for the sacrifice he is making to make a better world for us to live in. I at least have my kids and the rest of my family to be around while he has the "friends" from work and no family to come home to after a day at work. We are very greedy with the time we have with each other and though it is often hard, we all feel that the sacrifices we make now will benefit us in the long run. Appreciate even the samll things because it can quickly disappear!

  6. Yes life goes by so quickly.That's why I try not to miss anything.But its not that easy.
    You do have to live your life daily with also looking to the future

  7. LaBelleDameSansRegrets429March 30, 2009 at 1:54 PM

    It's all about staying humble in the face of what you have, or had. Many times, what was lost can't be recovered. People must treat another's affections like the sacred gift that they are.

  8. "This is your life and it is ending one minute at a time."
    I collect quotes and I am copying this one down, Andrei. It fits every aspect of a persons life, not just love and romance.
    And you, my friend, are a very wise man to know this and to hold onto it.
    Thank you for this one.

  9. well put... I always say live your todays like tomorrow may never come. I loved this post Andrei

    Diana Owen

  10. Andrei,
    Thanks for your insight on this subject from a man's point of view. Not many men will talk about things like this (in Tennessee). As a writer, your perspective is helpful to me.

  11. Very interesting what you say, and I agree we should live for this moment, enjoying and treasuring those beautiful times that we have now with the ones we love.
    Relationships...I think of them as a fire two people must add too to keep ablaze. I have heard people say oh it gets boring after a while...I beg to differ, things only get boring in a relationship if you let it...if you constantly add to the fire, it won't go will burn...burn like a eternal flame of love and fire:)
    As Emanuel Swedenborg quoted...without love there is no life, and the life is of such a quality as is the love...same for a realationship ;p
    Meshella Mullins

  12. It is very easy to take everything for granted. I've done it. I don't think there is anyone who hasn't. Day to day life becomes so routine, it's difficult to stop and "smell the roses". Everyone is in such a hurry to get from one place to another there is no time to appreciate anything along the way.
    So is the same for relationships. The longer a couple stay together, the more they take each other for granted. Day in and day out, always expecting the other one to be there. No thought is really given to the possibility of something happening and arriving home to find it empty. It sometimes takes a life threatening event to open the eyes.

  13. Well it's just like you said, I'm not afraid of relationships, it's just that I don't care about them, that's why I'm never looking for a relationship.