Saturday, March 21, 2009

Love on 5th Avenue

I was walking down 5th avenue a few minutes ago when out of the blue I found myself asking "Can people really find love around here?"

With a population density of almost 67,000 people per square mile Manhattan is a place where variety is certainly not lacking. There are thousands of people walking across town every day. Here you will come across every possible look and style… but is it really just about finding the look or style that you consider attractive?

As much as I like living here in New York City the truth is everyone in this place seems to be searching for fame and fortune rather than just a pleasant and prosperous life. It appears that many struggle simply to get by each day, and if they get laid off work it might just be a matter of time before they get evicted.

So how could people expect to find genuine love in this joint?

Whether they live in denial or simply accept the reality for what it is I believe at some point everyone wants to experience a true romance and discover that person who will change their world.

They call Manhattan the city that never sleeps, perhaps that is because none dares to ever close their eyes and set themselves free for one minute.


  1. Of all your blog entries that I've read so far, this is my favorite.

  2. LaBelleDameSansRegrets429March 22, 2009 at 12:29 PM

    I've thought the same thing. Many people in NYC reduce dating to finding someone that's going to actually do something for them - raise them socially, look good on their arm, etc. Very few are looking for an actual, mature bond with another adult who won't "fix" their ills in some fashion.

    It doesn't help that men and women have a glut of choice, either (esp. attractive ones). They're always looking for something better around the next corner. It makes the scene pretty predatory.

    Although, I have to say...there's nothing like falling in love in NYC, or having one of those crazy dates where you have nothing planned, but you simply wander and take in every crazy experience you can...

  3. Insightful. Perhaps you're ready for a change? There is something to be said for living a quiter life. It's easier to hear what you can't always see. :0)

  4. I don't know about finding love,I would just like to go for a horse drawn carraige ride through Central Park.Maybe a picnic at dusk and some dancing under the stars.Any takers?

  5. Great post. Very thought provoking.

  6. I go to Manhattan every chance I get. Love does happen there. The people I know who found it are starving artists. What might happen to that love if they made their fame and fortune? Hopefully, it would be still be there.

    People struggle in huge NYC like in any small city...they just have a higher rent to make!

    Listening to the Ryan Adams song, "When the Stars Go Blue" right now. A great romantic song about great New York City!

  7. wow you really do have insight.... Another great post... Thanks for sharing.

    Diana Owen

  8. can people really find love around here?
    I think they can if they just stop and look around. But in this world where everybody hurry to live I would ask not "can" but maybe "when" or "where". There are thousands of happy couples who meet by walking in parks etc... All people have to do is just go slowly...


  9. Oh, I think love can be found anywhere if you are open for it. Any country, and city. And when it happens in a population of 67,000 people maybe that is something of a miracle.

    But then I am a hopeful romantic and a believer in miracles.