Friday, February 27, 2009

Looking for your soulmate?

Well listen to this, there are web sites claiming they can help you find your soulmate. A psychic will apparently cast a spell which will speed up the process of finding your soulmate, and all this for as little as $25. It might sound hilarious at first, but when you see that individuals like this are still in business it can become somewhat of a concern.

Many people seem to believe that their soulmate is lingering somewhere, and that it is only a matter of time for them to meet. But what exactly is a soulmate anyway?

The concept of a soulmate actually goes back to the belief in reincarnation. It is someone that supposedly you have encountered and loved in many different lifetimes. It is for this reason that the very first time you meet them in this life you feel as though you have known them forever. There is a mystical déjà vu energy right from the start.

So how far off is your interpretation of a soulmate now?

The idea most people have is that a soulmate is simply a person they are a 100% compatible with. Someone they can feel totally comfortable having around in any situation and setting.

I guess what many are missing is the fact that people change throughout the years. That is not necessarily a negative thing but every relationship is bound to go through a few rough patches. It is the way you decide to deal with it that makes it work or fall apart. Soulmates or not a relationship will always require dedication to keep it going. Yes character compatibility is crucial for a healthy relationship, and I believe everyone could find somebody who can understand them more. However you have to be realistic and know you cannot expect others to read your mind at all times.


  1. Bravo Andrei
    Very well said.

  2. Hey Andre,
    What do you do when you find him or her and knows its them. But they are just too stubborn to admit there is a connection?

  3. Well, if you're so sure then you'll just have to give it time ;)

  4. Andrei, this and all your other posts are terrific! I do believe in the concept of soul mates, and also of soul friends, but never believed that made the two people 100% compatible. Maybe upwards of 85%. :) But you're so right that we all grow and change and go thru rough patches with mates -- and friends.

    Nancy Haddock

  5. You right Andrei. I think most of people nowadays are terrified to commitment and yes, people change throughout time and yet, when you find that special human being, no matter how many years have passed, your love for that person remain intact and get stronger. I know this for fact because my beloved parents:)

    I congratulate you for this blog Anderi:D I really liked it and thanks for have invited me to read it:D be safe XO.

  6. Another great post... Andrei, You have great insight on these matters.. It would be nice of the guy could read you mind though.. Oh wait scratch that, read your mind only when you want him to...=)

    Diana Owen

  7. LaBelleDameSansRegret429March 1, 2009 at 8:51 PM

    Soulmates...I think there's an infinite number of them for each person, since there's an infinite number of possible pathways a person may choose to take over a lifetime. Each moment that occurs brings choice, and each of those choices presents myriad possibilities to meet someone who could have a huge effect on your life.

    Thing is, a soulmate may not just be a "happy" case of wish-fulfillment, personified. A soulmate is sent to present you with part of a journey that must be accomplished as part of the life journey - good or bad. People forget that.

    Anyway, hello? Why would you want to be around some perfect yes-person? Ick, how boring...hahaha! Character and interest is created from quirks, after all...the wrinkles are the best part.

    I wonder if the soulmate theory is borne of some sort of innate ego desire? In the search for a soulmate, do we seek true love, or is it self-actualization through another? Thoughts, Andrei?

  8. People are sometimes too quick to proclaim someone their soulmate. I think this is because they want to believe they've found their soulmate and they have fallen in love or perhaps only infatuation. People can be so impatient about this. (Did you know there are sites selling love spells for $200 and up as well?) So many people are seeking that special someone, "the one" in an almost desperate way.

    It's sad because life is short and each day is a gift. It's sad to see people behaving in such a desperate way instead of finding their own happiness.

    If each of us has a soul mate, "the one", then surely that person would want his/her mate to be healthy, happy and whole, not desperately searching. How much better to be finding your bliss so that then when you do come together that joy can be shared. The time won't have been wasted.

    I believe when you bump into a soulmate, such a connection would go beyond attraction and desire, to a level of communication beyond the norm. I've met several soulmate friends and time just seems to stop. There is that deja vu. An instant ease speaking to each other.

    Time is the only way to tell, I think. If the person is your soulmate lover, you will bump into them again and again until you are together. We make choices and have free will, which may possibly get in the way of things.

    But I believe true love will always prevail in the end. I've heard of elderly people marrying their high school sweethearts in the nursing home.

    Happy ever after? I think we all have one of those waiting for us. Just different paths of getting there.

  9. I think commercial media namely Cosmopolitan (a la "10 Questions to Ask Your Boy Toy to See if He's Your soulmate) have cheapened the idea of the term soulmate. Thus, the general public is always applying the connotation to every single Joe Blow or Sally Jane they come across and end up missing the whole picture or spending time on someone who is only meant to be in one's life for a transitory period.

    I agree with Debra (great reply by the way) in that we all have soulmates, but they are not limited to significant others, but friends and family members alike. And for some reason or another these familiarized souls always seem to find their way in subsequent lives to always make contact with one another again and again.

    I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that Madonna's new Brazilian boy toy, Jesus Luz, was once MY soulmate. So, once he's done...I stand corrected once Madge is done with him, he will wonder back into my life. And we can reconnect and reconnect, and reconnect....

    P.S. I fell off the train with your blog and went back and caught myself up, impressed as always:) Keep up the good work!

  10. Hi Andrei!
    The idea of a soul-mate is heady stuff. For me, it's definitely the COMFORT factor that makes the relationship work. Biologically speaking, I believe that men don't make really good life/relationship partners until their testosterone level begins to drop with age:)

  11. Great post! I have to agree with Koko's comment about the term being 'soulmate' having been cheapened by modern media. People use it too readily these days without really understanding it.

    I'm a little sad that there are sites that are willing to prey on people's needs for a connection to others by selling spells and potions to bring their soulmates into their lives.

  12. Hi Andrei.
    Well I agree that we all change. But I think it will not be important when you'll find your soulmate.

  13. Hi Andrei! Thanks for inviting me to post! :> I also agree with KoKo that the term "soulmate" is cheapened by tossing it around in Cosmo. Ha! I've always thought that it would be quite uncomfortable to find a soulmate. Soul friends, I have those. So special! And my hubby? He's a lifemate par excellance. NO one I'd rather be with, spend time with, etc. But to me, soul mates are a whooooollllle different matter.

    BTW, most psychics I know - reputable ones - don't cast spells. Most witches I know - reputable ones - will but usually for modest fees and seldom for love spells b/c that implies coercion. A pet peeve of mine, since my BFF is a working psychic, are the "TV Psychics" who claim to "cure" things like lovesickness and hangnails. Heehee.

    There's my rant for the day. :> Sorry!

  14. I thought it ironic that this post was about finding your soulmate and some people seeking to have spells cast to find that soulmate, and one of the ads on th site was for..... "urgent spells cast fast." Hmmmmmm.....

    Unfortunately, life isn't that simple. Anything worth having is something you need to work for or at. Some people are lucky enough to find their "soulmate" while others live their entire life trying to find that one special person they connect with, but it never happens. Maybe we romanticize the concept too much or have a narrow view of what the word "soulmate" really means that when it does happen, we can't see the forest for the trees. You're right - it is about choices. I also feel it's about being brave enough to open yourself up so you allow those opportunites to make choices present themselves. I have an admiration for those who can do that because I am not secure enough in my life or with myself to let go and open myself up to the possibilities.

  15. You are so fantastic Andrei, ha to have a live disussion with you must be really refreshing and great! I am also a realistic person but also have my reasons to stay in touch with the non realistic things, if I like it or not. Anyway, a soul mate or "Anam Cara" is not something that really can be described with simple words. It is so much more. It is a paradox for sure. But isn´t this world existing and build on Paradoxes?! Nothing can describe what it is if a man and a woman are meant for each other. This thing called "true love" and it is not happen often. But it happen!

  16. There is a perfect person out there for everyone. You need to believe that true love exists even though you haven’t found it yet. Maybe you already know the person. That person might be right in front of you, but you don’t know it because you don’t believe in the idea of a true soul mate.

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