Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blackjack or bye Jack?

So when is it time to stop playing games? When does a man finally decide he’s had enough?

Well, obviously some men are more accepting than others. Why? Perhaps because they feel they have to be that way. Ironically those guys will always end up on the bottom of a women’s “to do” list. It’s only common sense, if something’s right there at your feet 24 7 you’ll kick it away because you know it will come back.

Girls have to always play their game, they wouldn’t ever want to appear too available or easy. So as soon as something begins to develop the game is on. While many men fear this challenge, others simply live for it. Yes, that’s how different men could be. Needless to say a man who normally has trouble getting women’s attention is going to hang on much longer. In most instances it’s the female who dominates this game, but certainly not always. Some men also play their game, and I’ll tell you it’s quite an encounter.

Guys could make it seem as though they’re totally infatuated with a girl when all they’re really after is just another conquest, perhaps something to enhance their ego. Sex is a man’s ultimate achievement, so it’s pretty simple, he gets her into bed and he wins. Therefore what happens from that moment on is kind of irrelevant.

So why do many girls still insist on playing their game? What’s a guy supposed to think at this point? Personally I believe everyone has their limits, and therefore if a girl keeps pushing it chances are he will lose interest.


  1. Why in the world would we want to be with someone who doesn't want us or plays games with our emotions? It has always amazed me how strange creatures we humans are.

    I guess we're simply gluttons for punishment or simply get off on a challenge. Or maybe we just can't help it and we're reverting to our instinctual belief that if it wasn't worth a fight then it wasn't worth keeping.

    That's why I've always found it ironic that the men you paid the least amount attention to -due primarily to disinterest and not a game on my part- were always the most persistant than the ones who you really wanted. Go figure!

    Frankly, I've never played games or followed the so-called rules of dating. If I wanted to call a man then I did. If I wanted to ask him out I did that as well. And the timing of our first sexual experience, which was never on a first date was also on my own time and not because I was trying to keep someone interested or because of when some comedien who THINKS he's an expert at dating thinks I should.

    I know you may think I'm playing games because I don't have sex on the first date. But its not because I'm playing a game or because of some old wives tale that the minute you drive the car off the lot the value diminishes.

    It's because the act of sex, albeit enjoyable, is so overrated and so easily attainable it's comparable to a hamburger that can be had on a common street corner.

    What's not so attainable and what I'm always in search of is a great connection, which will last over time. And no games or societal rules will provide that nor insure its occurence.


  2. Great blog Andrei! Actually reminds me of that old Kenny Rogers song The Gambler . . . "you got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, and know when you've won"

    I think playing games is just a part of human nature. Of course there are people who take it to the extreme. But if you are totally honest with yourself, you would admit that you play a game with at least one person a day. Whether it is congratulating the boss on some new project that is going to be a pain in your ass to complete or telling some family member that you would just love for them to drop in at the most inconvenient time possible. It is all game. I have yet to meet anyone who is perfectly honest 24/7.

  3. Men have been playing games since the beginning of time.They tell you what they think you want to hear to get in your pants.When a woman plays the game,they are called a tease.If they win the prize of sex,they are called a slut.

    My what double standards we have.Foriegner summed it up perfectly with thier 80's song 'Head Games'.Great song!Check it out on You Tube when you get time.

  4. We all play games of some sort. Its just human nature. Sometimes the games are intentional, sometimes they are not. I have never been one to conform to what is socially acceptable. If I wanted to talk to a guy, I called him. I didn't wait for him to call me. I'm rebellious that way. Always have been. I have played hard to get sometimes. Not knowing if the game will make him more interested or if he'll just give up the challenge. I have also been easy to get, but that isn't half as fun. But then he thinks of himself as winning so therefore its not longer the chase thats fun.
    Bottom line is this, games are fun but knowing when to play for keeps is the best game of all.

  5. I'm sure YOU play your game Andrei, but few men have that same sexual energy and confidence to make a woman day dream.

    Excellent blog!

  6. LaBelleDameSansRegret429December 14, 2008 at 5:16 PM

    Q: "So why do many girls still insist on playing their game? What’s a guy supposed to think at this point?"

    A: That, no matter how attractive the man, a woman appreciates some danged effort and (good intentioned) seduction. Men disdain what they don't appreciate. Get to work, men of the world, and stop thinking that a couple of pretty lines and winks will get you through.

    I'd think that lots of mindless, faceless sex would just get boring after a while. Don't we control our bodies and impulses, rather than the other way around? Then again, many males (and females, I suppose) have sex with people that they don't even like. Go figure. That kind of disconnect between the spirit, mind, and body is creepy to me.

  7. Never played those games, but it's fascinating to watch other people play them. I always wonder... if people are playing games instead of being real, how they can ever know if they really like each other? They might think of this person is perfect for me and then find it all falls in like a house of cards.

    I love to play Blackjack, and games can be fun, but if some guy were playing games with me I'd say bye Jack very fast.

  8. I know this may sound rather old-fashioned but I do believe that the guy should CHASE the girl. I always found it strange how a guy after meeting you once and after talking to you for maybe 30 minutes is convinced that you are "the one". It takes women time to warm up to men, even the hot ones...with game. We need that time to figure out how we feel. Which is good because it makes them have to show us why we should choose them and not someone else. Overall, it is a challenge and there is usually a chase in the dating phase of the relationship.

  9. Actually I don't think it's old fashioned at all, some things are just meant to be that way.