Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stuck in time

Whether it’s an event in the past or a concern about the future, it is often so hard to come to terms with how ridiculous it truly is to be stuck in time.

Although it’s necessary to have some kind of a plan for the future , and of course at times it can be helpful to refer to the past before taking a decision, we do have to draw a line somewhere. The reason is that while we over analyze what happened or what will happen we are wasting precious minutes, hours or entire days, because unfortunately life doesn’t come with a pause function. Evidently it’s easier said than done,  however it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how important it is to live in the present, leave the past behind and allow the future to unfold.

I have no doubt that almost everyone at some point has experienced getting into a state of utter impatience while waiting for someone or something. The reason we get into that frame of mind is because we begin to speculate and envision what we could be doing in that moment instead of just sitting around wasting time. So how different is it being immersed in a thought which doesn’t allow you to move forward?

One of the fundamental lessons in acting class is to be in the moment, and there’s a very compelling reason for that. Actors work with a script and therefore know exactly where and how each scene ends. So it’s very easy for an actor to move too far ahead because he would be thinking about his next line and how to deliver it, rather than actually listening to what is being said to him and giving a reaction to that.

Similarly in life we could easily be losing out on many things that are happening around us now if we concentrate too much on the future or the past. Sunset implies the ending of each day, while every sunrise is the beginning of a new one, and that’s exactly how it should be perceived.
You build a better future by making a better day, everyday.