Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dial 911… it’s PMS

Let me start by saying this, most men have no clue of what PMS really is. We often hear the word and pretend to know all about it, but the there is nothing quite like it in a man’s lifetime.

So how do men deal with it? How do we handle the hormone outbursts which translate in those rather unpleasant mood swings? Well, I read that the exact causes of PMS are still not fully understood. However the symptoms are clear, tension, irritability, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue… the list goes on and on. Apparently there are over 200 symptoms in total which have been associated to PMS. Personally that tells me it’s a no win situation.

Certainly it is no walk in the park, and I assure you some men must dread that time of month possibly more than their woman. It could also be a relief if you’ve been having unprotected sex of course, but it comes with a price. With many women PMS is not about being extra sensitive, it’s more along the lines of IMPOSSIBLE. So anyway, most men have come up with an antidote or rather a defense mode. A very simple method really, you just have to respond positively when necessary.

It is like that SLEEP mode on your computer, which takes up very little power and it is not quite processing anything.